A Thought For A New Beginning

The old has pasted away and the new is a pond us as we begin the year 2020. We all like to make new year resolutions like going on a diet to be healthier or to quit smoking. Sometimes saving money to take a trip or vacation, even to possibly buy something special for a loved one or ourselves.

Let’s go a little further and dig deep inside our minds and our hearts for a thought for a new beginning.

Through Christ All Things Are Made New

Day after day week after week month after month year after year we try to start something new to change our lives for the better, mostly always failing. We have a thought for a new beginning with our best intentions in mind but we fail when we don’t see the results we were hoping for right away or we fail to see the good that could be if we commit to the idea and stay with it. It’s so easy to stay with the bad habits we pick up in life. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it we think why bother I been doing this for so long it’s impossible to change.

When we ask for forgiveness and give ourselves to Christ we become a new person in Christ. All things old have been removed and everything from now on is made new. A fresh start in life to do things in a better way. A start in life to be more like Christ.

Living Like Christ

What I think living like Christ is, is to love everyone no matter what. Jesus came from heaven to die for us, no matter what we have done in life. He came to tell us the good news that we have a home in heaven. He came to show us that love is essential to having everlasting life. That being there for each other during the good and bad times is the way we should live.

He came here to show us how to heal each other and protect each other. To warn us about the devil and the evils of this world. How to pray to God and to ensure us that He hears us when we pray. He was the only man to walk the earth that was truly perfect in every way. No matter what the devil threw at Him or what man did to him He took it to His Father and excepted the fact that this was His purpose.

So living like Christ is just that, loving one another no matter what and being there for each other. Helping each other in this life as we would want or need help ourselves. Taking every chance we can to learn and teach the word of God to every one we can.

Making A Change

We all want to change something in our lives to make it better. We strive to be happy and spend tons of money trying to be just that. Happiness is not something you can buy, but it’s a decision we have to make ourselves except. We can make a choice to be happy and stop thinking that worldly things are what we need to be happy.

If you stop and think for a minute what is happiness? What is it that makes you happy? Why does that make you happy? Now I don’t mean having fun because God wants us to have fun in our life, but being truly happy may mean different things to different people.

To me happiness is having everyone I care about safe and healthy and with no worries in the world. To have a life that has meaning and purpose. To feel like I’m needed and that I can help anyone in need.

I don’t need the fancy things in life even though I want my loved ones to have the finer things in life my happiness lies in the fact that my loved ones are not struggling and that they are happy with what they have. I know that they will because I am teaching them to make God first in their lives and He is the most important part of their happiness.

Chang is never easy but having a plan is very important. Starting off with a good support system to ensure that you meet your goals. I’ve been a christian for years and it’s still taking me time to learn how to be a good christian, but with the prayers from my family over the years and the support of my wife my goals are starting to be made. It took a lot of trial and error in life before I figured out that I needed to stick with my change and work hard at becoming the man that God put me here to be.

We must continue to strive to make our goals no matter how hard it seems to be. With the end result in mind we must stay focused. Study hard and pray even harder because the devil is out there whispering in your ear that you can’t do it. Telling you that there is no point. That you don’t need to change because your not a bad person. Even that God is not real and you’re wasting your time.

More Support

Some people believe that they don’t need to go to church ever and though going to church doesn’t mean you will go to heaven, but think of the people you are around every day. Are they helping you with the goals you have for the change you are trying to make? Or are they helping to keep you from your goals?

The people you meet in church have the same goals that you have. Some have the answers to the questions you may have. There is always someone out there that knows more about the struggles you may be going through because we don’t know everything although some may think they do. lol!

What better way to meet your goals for your change than to mix and mingle with like minded people. Though God is everywhere He is definitely in church listening to His children praise Him and praying to Him. Coming together is a powerful thing. The church is a place of worship and a home for the lost a place of peace for the weary. A place for Christians to take care of each other as God Has commanded us to do.


A thought of a new beginning can be a wonderful start to a new beginning. Never stop at trying to be the best you can be. Start strong by Starting With God and Give Him the Glory because With God in your life you can never fail. Set your Goals and Get the support you need everywhere you can get it, starting with prayer. Don’t let the devil tell you his lies. He will try but be strong in the Lord and send the devil packing.

6 thoughts on “A Thought For A New Beginning”

  1. To you happiness is safety and security while my approach to happiness is accomplishing things, having  fun, and safety and security all rolled into one. Now if I had to choose one it would probably be to have fun but you can’t have fun if you’re broke all the time. What resolutions did you set for this year?

    1. I have to disagree with not having fun because of being broke. I was raised poor and grew up as an adult still struggling. Some of the best times in my life I have had were not because I had money. They were cherished moments spent with family and friends. Worshiping my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and fellowship with others. I do like safety, but I have accomplished many things over the past few years. My resolution for this year will be to bring love and happiness to as many people as I can by spreading the word of God.   

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us .The Christian New Year 2020 has begun .I plan to recreate my life .With respect to the love of all, this life can begin and I want to move forward with all the bad things. And I think everything starts again this Christian year .Jesus taught us how to love people how to accept people how to help people above all .The blessings of Jesus are everywhere .And I think everybody, like me, wants to rearrange the old and the bad .I collected this article because I liked it so much .And I will try to convey the message of Jesus to everyone .And I want to say that a new endeavor can bring about a new way of life .

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m happy that you enjoyed my post. Feel free to visit my website to enjoy more. Share the good news with your friends and family. God bless you!

  3. Hi Tommy,

    Being a disciple of CHRIST your post means a lot to me.

    Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! As Jesus said… If we love HIM, we will follow all his teachings. The main teaching is to love everyone.

    Jesus is not looking for followers but HE is looking for disciples. If we live like Christ then only we are Christians.

    I do agree with you going to church or participating in ministries doesn’t guarantee eternal life. Doing the will of Father, living a holy life and having a close relationship with GOD only will take us to heaven. Thanks for the thought-provoking post and I got helpful insights.

    What 2020 brings depends on what we bring to 2020! 

    1. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed my post. I welcome you to check out others on my website and feel free to comment and give any words of wisdom to others looking for salvation. God Bless you my brother in Christ! 

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