Abortion And God

God, the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. The giver of life and all creation. Is it right for you to take what God has created and dispose of it? Why would you want to get rid of something that God has given you. Today we will discuss a topic that may be sensitive to some, but needs to be addressed, as it concerns life and your right to be the one to take life away. Today we will talk about Abortion and God.

God’s Law

There are laws that God has given us to obey in this life. These are the 10 commandments. The one we will touch on today is tho shall not kill. Now there is no mention of any exception but If you were in a life or death situation I would think that if you had to kill in order to survive something, there would be room for error.

God gives us this rule for what would seem to be for the obvious reasons. We did not create life so we don’t have the right to take it away. Even if you have made a baby you still did not give that child life, God did.

With all the babies born to their parents in this world God breathed the life into them. The very things that gave you the ability to have that child came from God. Many people want children and can not have them. Could it be that of all the babies that are born some people don’t want them? If you have a baby, shouldn’t you want it?

We have people struggling to adopt children so they can have a family, and those who have a family that don’t want a family. Then we have people who are pro-choice and believe it’s OK to kill a baby if they don’t want it. Though they didn’t protect themselves from getting pregnant.

Wouldn’t pro-choice be better if the choice was to use protection to chose not to have a baby? You know that having unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, so why have sex unprotected if you don’t want a child. How do you think that it’s OK to kill a child that God gave life to? How can you not give a life to someone who wants one so bad.

What better gift is there than the gift of life. What you can’t do someone else can and will. God said tho shall not kill. This is not negotiable.

What If

There is evil everywhere and some of it comes in the form of men and their lust for women and having power over them. This evil in men will cause them to rape women and sadly the woman becomes pregnant. I understand that, that would be awful, and who wants to bring a baby that has the blood of this evil man in to the world. Who wants a constant reminder of the evil thing that happened to them?

Do you think that it would be possible to raise a child that was from something so awful and turn it into good? They say everything happens for a reason, so is it possible that this happen because He knows you could make this awful thing turn into a blessing? Or maybe you could give this baby to someone that could raise it to be someone of importance to the world.

As we come to the Lord we come as sinners. Most people that come to the Lord, come when they are at their lowest. God forgives and so as we try to forgive the bad people that do bad things to us, we must understnd that the baby in not the evil one that hurt you. This baby may be the blessing you needed. Many things that are bad can be foundations for something good. I know that may be hard to believe but it’s true.

Look at the things we go through such as being drug addicts. When we come to the Lord and overcome the addiction we become someone that understands what others are going through. Same as if someone has lost a loved one or someone that has been raped. These things that have happened were bad but we can use the experience we went through to help others. So we have taken the bad and turned it into a good. We give others a chance to move on and help them understand that things can be better. Especially when we bring God into the picture.

There may be medical reasons for getting an abortion, but if you are right with God you should have a conversation with God on what to do. Who would have the better quality of life? Do you give your life for the baby? It may be a hard decision, but remember God sacrificed His only son for us.

The Devil Likes It

The devil likes it when we kill, mainly because it’s what God has told us not to do. When we disobey God we are one step closer to joining the devil in hell. He likes it when we kill our babies because then he is able to control your emotions making you feel bad and then you think you are not worthy to be forgiven. The devil causes depression, guilt and anxiety, all which you will most likely experience if you get an abortion.

Its something that will always be in the back of your mind. Something you will regret because you will always think what if? What if I could have loved the baby? What if the baby had loved me? Could I have been a good mother? Could my baby have been someone that was happy, important, and successful?

There is no doubt that everyone is not meant to be a parent but it is your responsibility to make sure that if you don’t want to be a parent, then protect yourself. You need to think about the what if. Know that only God has the right to take a life, because only He Gives life.

A Good Parent/Person

You might think that you wouldn’t be a good parent, but a good parent would do anything for their child. Even if it men’t giving them to someone that could provide for them and love them. Being a good parent means being a good person. Don’t let the devil convince you that it is OK to kill an unwanted baby. God is bringing that baby into the world for a reason. You don’t have the right to stop it. You made a choice and because of that choice you now have the responsibility to raise that child, or give that child to someone who wants and needs that child.

Just because God has breathed life into that child that is in you, doesn’t mean it belongs to you. It doesn’t mean just because it’s in you it belongs to you. You don’t belong to you. You belong to God. If you can’t be the parent He made you to be, at least be the good person that He made you to be.

Give God’s child a chance. He/she was meant to be here.


So if we ask ourselves what God feels about abortion, we can definitely see that He is 100% against it. Tho shall not kill is a very powerful rule, and God puts the rules in place for a reason. He might be the only one who knows the reason, but if you ask in prayer, He may show you the reason. Your faith in Him will guide you to make the right decisions. Make sure to take a moment to understand that He has a plan for everyone and that the devil is trying to redirect you away from this plan.

Don’t let the devil take away your joy and the wonderful things that the lord has for you and your child.

2 thoughts on “Abortion And God”

  1. I can’t imagine what a women goes through when she is rape by a man and got pregnant, that is a difficulty situation and it takes a lot of prayer for that person to love that child, but that child was created by God and God has a purpose for everything that he do he don’t condone the sin but children are an heritage of God so i would say no to abortion because killing a child is a sin and that child is apart of me so asking God for help to have that child and maybe put that child up for adoption if i can’t love that child somebody else can give that child the love that he or she deserve. 

    1. Yes we were all given life by God and only He should be allowed to take it away. Thanks for taking the time to read.

      God bless!

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