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Hello and welcome to Christian Life. I’m Tommy and I’ve been a Christian for most of my life. Not without the ups and downs that life seems to bring all of us. I do struggle with the difficulty’s that life brings us but I try to keep the lord first. Please join me as I live my Christian Life. Let’s take this journey together.


As a young child I went to church not really knowing what or who God was. I didn’t understand what it all ment. As I got older my stepfather ended up in jail where he found the lord. When he was released we started going to church and having bible study every week.

This was definitely the best thing that could ever happen to our family. He eventually became a pastor and helped people however he could. Telling them about God and helping them with food or anything they needed just as Jesus would do. At 14 years old of course I rebelled and went my own way.

I struggled most my life having children I couldn’t afford and drinking and doing drugs. I was very depressed and wasn’t a good father. I contemplated Suicide quite often but always heard someone in my head telling me I wasn’t alone as I felt. I found myself telling people about God and his love. Of course people thought I was crazy and called me the preachers son.

Eventually I decided to get back into church and listen to what I was trying to tell people about God. I decided to submit to God because all this time he was telling me he was here and he loves me as he does all of us. Since I have submitted to him I am now drug and alcohol free. I have done things I never thought I could never do.


I want to share the love that the lord has shared with me. We all come from the same God and that makes us all family. This world belongs to the devil and he is here to destroy us anyway he can. I can’t let my family be destroyed by him. I love my family and want the best for all of us.


To help the lost find their way
To inspire people to trust and believe in God
To be here to support one another you are not alone
To learn and teach the ways of Christian Life

If you ever need a hand or have Any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, and god bless,



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  1. Tommy: Keep up the good work. I am thankful that the Lord kept you alive when Satan was trying to destroy you. I am sure your message will impact others for Jesus. You are in my prayers.
    I’m a fellow WAer. I will look for your posts from now on.

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