Being Born Again

When we become Christians it is said We Are Born Again. We leave our old life and start new.


When we give our lives to the Lord, we must Repent for our sins. Meaning we must ask the lord to forgive us for all the wrong we have done. When we are born we are born into sin because of Adam and Eve. Their sins are our sins because they were the first humans and we inherited their sins. I know it seems unfair but that’s how it works, and if you read the 10 Commandments you will see we are guilty of most of them before we even knew the rules.

So its very simple just ask for forgiveness and all is forgiven.

Except Jesus As Your Lord And Savior

John 3:16

God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten son, that whoever believes in him will not die but have Everlasting Life.

When we accept Jesus we are saying that we believe that he was sent here to die for our sins. That’s how much God loves us and want us to come home to be with him. Everything that happened to Jesus was for us so we don’t have to spend forever in Hell.

Live Like Jesus Did

Jesus was perfect in every way. We could never be perfect but should strive to live like he did.

Jesus told everyone he could about the father and what he wanted for us. He loved everyone especially sinners. Jesus was sinless and over came temptation that the devil tried to throw at him. Jesus healed the sick, feed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, anything he could do for anyone.

We should strive to be just like him for the Lord is our Shepard.

Overcome Sin

When we overcome sin we get closer to God and he blesses us. We must submit to him and his ways for our days will be many. Sometimes we have to change the people we hang around to overcome sin. We tend to do the same things that the sinners do and in order to overcome we need to change our lives and make a decision to better it by changing the company we keep. We cannot follow gods laws and still hang out at the bar, or go to parties, hang out with tony while he smokes pot etc.

We should be seeking God constantly. Trying to find out what he has planed for us. We don’t need to abandon our friends but we should be trying to lead them to the lord.


Being Born Again is our second chance. Our fresh start at a new Holy life given to us by God. Who wouldn’t want A do over? A chance to do things the right way. Part of living is learning and learning takes time but time is running out.

We don’t know how long before the lord comes back, don’t you wanna be ready?

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