Christian Life

christain-lifeAs we live our life’s some may never know what it is to be a Christian. Some may never know who god is or why some of us want to follow him. Some people don’t even believe he exists. I for one can’t seem to believe that we came from monkeys or a tadpole. I don’t believe we just came to be from nothing. Or evolved from a smaller organism.

Ive herd of many religious beliefs and I seem to find that the Christian believes seem to make more sense to me than some of the others. It is said that god loved us so much that he sent his only son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we may have everlasting life.

Thats a love i can’t even comprehend. Could you give your child’s life to save anyone? The thought would never cross my mind. For someone or something to love us that much should mean everything to us and it should be our mission to please him anyway we can. We should love one another just as much. We should help one another just the same. These are just some of the things our god ask from us as his children. Such simple things could make this world a better place. Let’s learn more about god and how we can live a Christian Life!!

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