My Daily Christian Life

Welcome to my daily Life where I will be posting events and struggles of my daily life. I welcome you to jump in and comment on these as everyone sees life and situations through different eyes. My goal on this site is to become a family and be open to insight and support one another.Daily-Life

As I, live this Christian life it’s not all simple as trying to do the right things in life. Although we should always try to do the right things we must ask ourselves what the lord would wants us to do? We find these things out by reading the word. We must commit ourselves to read every day. As we learn about our lord we can learn about ourselves and focus on becoming more Christ like.

As I, awoke this morning my first thought was how can I share the love that the lord has had for me in my life? He has always been there for me. Especially when I was not focused on him. See I come from a city where most of the people become drug dealers or users and both. I fell into the cycle as I grew up. Luckily I knew Jesus before it ended my life.Daily-Life

As I, fell into this cycle in the back of my mind I could hear the lord speaking to me. I found myself telling people about him when I was intoxicated thinking this is my job to tell people about him. Little did I know he was actually talking to me. He was telling me he was with me that he was there for me. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I thought as long as I told people I’d be ok. I didn’t think I could ever stop living the way I was. I did what I did and that was just me. I could never change. Nor did I want to. Now I am clean and sober. Who would have thought ?

So I found myself not being happy. Wondering how could things be better? Then I thought to myself GOD!!! My father was in the cycle for a long time. He decided that he would submit to the lord and change his life. I mean really submit to god. We started going to church 3 times a week and he prayed and I mean a lot. This is where I learned the most about god. I looked back at that time growing up and said to myself look how god saved my family’s life’s. How my father totally turned his life around.

I could do the same all I have to do is submit. So this is what I am doing. Submitting to the lord striving to make my life better for me and my family. I’m nowhere near perfect or even where the lord wants me to be. Join me on this journey and let’s strive to live the Christian Life together.

God bless : your loving brother Tommy

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