Falling Into The Devil’s Trap

Did you know that you are being hunted? Do you know that there are traps everywhere? When, you least expect it the devil is ready to pounce. He’s watching you, studying your every move, anticipating your every move, your every thought. He’s setting traps for you to fall into to stop you from growing in Christ. Prepare yourself for these traps for he is very tricky. You wouldn’t even give it a second thought that it was the devil whom tricked you. Don’t fall into his trap.

What we are up against

The Devil is a dangerous advisory who has many tricks up his sleeves. He hopes you don’t even believe that he is real, that makes his job so much easier. He doesn’t need to take credit for his victory’s right now, he is just as happy to wait till the end of time for his prize will be you joining him in the lake of fire.

He knows he has lost the war that will come in the end times, so he just wants to keep you from the blessings that God has for you. He wants everyone to join him in hell because he hates us just as he does God. He feels like he is the most important over God, us and the world.

What The Devil Will Do

The devil has many ways that he uses to trap us from the Lords blessings. Things you would never know that he had anything to do with. Things as simple as waking up in a bad mood.

Before you even get up out of bed the devil is trying to steal your joy. Telling you that you don’t want to even get out of bed, or today is going to be a bad day why even get up? That you hate your work and that you don’t get paid enough. People there that do less work make more money than you.

You hate the people at work and they hate you. You should just quit, all they do is spread rumors and talk behind your back. You don’t drive a nice car so people laugh at you. You don’t want to deal with the kids or your spouse.

Worldly Drama

All the things that happen in the world can cause you to lose focus on God. Things with the government and all that’s going on with the president and his impeachment. The rumors and lies that everyone spread can get you emotional and cause you to forget the bigger picture.

We need to pray that Gods will be done. God runs the world not the government. So we need to pray that Gods hand is moving the people in the government instead of the devil.

We hear people talk bad about us. people that are not lovers of Christ and the devil is using them to get to us. He said she said, you are this and that, makes us angry and when we are angry we don’t have our focus on God.

As Christians, we don’t talk bad about others, we pray and help strengthen each other. The devil is all about hats so we need to focus on love for God is love.

Before I was a Christian as a young child, kids would tease me about my race and me being over weight, even talk about my mom. I’d tell her that they were talking about her and her response would always be “so what it’s not hurting me any so let them talk all they want.”

So it doesn’t matter what people say or do, it’s just the devil using one of his many tricks to take your focus away. Just another trap!

Sex/Drugs/and Money

Sex sells and can be found everywhere. T.V. movies in music just about everywhere you look there is some sexual content. Many don’t see it but it’s slipped into your children’s shows, cartoons, Disney movies ect.

So lust is another one of the devils traps. It’s why we have so many sexual transmitted diseases, some even killing us. The devil mixes this trap with another and that is drugs.

Drugs play a big part in the emotional trap, it’s the people who feel lost and alone that tend to use drugs and the same goes with sex as people are looking for love and comfort in something.

The devil makes you feel this way and we think that drugs and sex will help, only it makes things worse. Now you are addicted to drugs and having sex with random people and both are life threatening so now you are still lost and alone and no focus on God is to be found.

Addicted to drugs and no job leads to no money. Now you must steal or most sell their bodies to get more drugs or food or whatever it is that you need or want.

Money is the trap that is most likely one that everyone will fall into. With money, we can have anything we want. Fancy Houses, cars, clothes, women, drugs, jewelry, food ect.

We all have dreams of having it all and to do that we need money. Its’s the love of money and what will we do to get it. we are so focused on money and the things that we want that keeps us away from god.

God said He will provide all our needs, so we don’t need to focus on getting those things He has already promised us those things. If we focus on Him we need not worry for we will have them.

Billions of dollars are spent each year from people playing the lottery in hopes to strike it rich. If we trust in god and focus on Him we are set, So why not take that money and spend it wisely by helping people in need. If we all looked out for each other the world would be such a better place.


There are so many traps that the devil has, we must open our eyes and stay focused on God in order to see what’s right in front of our faces. Everywhere you look there is some type of trap that the devil has set and even if you fall into one it takes God to get out of it.

Let’s stay woke people. The best thing you can do is study your bibles and find other helpful books to keep your focus.

Feel free to find links in my articles to helpful books on all kinds of biblical readings for a more focused life.

God Bless!

18 thoughts on “Falling Into The Devil’s Trap”

  1. I like your topic. If is refreshingly different. I appreciate your boldness in sharing a very important reality.It is unfortunately one that is easily ignored and forgotten.

  2. Thanks for the great Review about the word of God  as a Christian winning souls is very important Trap will surely come but we will Jump over them .for you not to fall into any trap you need to be close to the lord Thanks tommy I like your review 

    1. We may not miss every trap but being close to the lord will definitely keep us aware of them and prepared to overcome them. 

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I would definitely like to thank you for sharing with us an important reality .The Devil always attracts us to evil and God always strives for our good .The Devil attracts us in such a way that we forget God and do wrong The Devil’s job is to attract us to evil but God always tells us to be patient and to show us all the ways to deal with it. And when we make mistakes, we realize we have made mistakes so we should always be on the right path .I certainly appreciate your courage for such a wonderful article and hope that through your article everyone will find the right way to escape the devil’s trap and be well into the future.

    1. I agree and together we can look out for each other and spread the word of God and how the devil is threatening our lives and souls.

  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing reminder of who we are and what we stand for on this earth. Everyone is all focused on the world noises and we have forgotten the most important part and the truth that is being wipped infront of our eyes and replaced by what the devil want us to see. I agree that we need to stick to what we believe in and read our bibles and spread the word of God. So much is happening and it scares me a lot for example what happened in my country in Parliament on Thursday about Sonar the devil was playing his part and people fell for it there was caos, but l know my God is here to protect us. You have shared a very important reality that will open most of our eyes and ears and focus on doing right things in God eyes. The devil is a lie he shall not prosper.

    Great reality shared.

    Stay blessed!

    1. It’s definitely sad how the devil is blinding the world and causing so much destruction in thes world. We need to come together in prayer and wake people up before it’s to late. We are so much stronger together in Jesus name especially when two or more come together. We need to focus on saving people because the devil has already lost the battle yet we don’t want the world to go down with him.  

  5. Thanks a lot for this wonderful article.

    I didn’t know much about the devil’s trap but after reading your article I learned many new things about the devil’s trap. The devil is very dangerous for us.the devil can do any evil thing by us. So we should follow the order of God and stay away from bad things and also beware of Devil’s trap. you wrote a very important article with us. you have made a very good description of Devil’s trap.it really helpful for us.

    Once again Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you got to learn something from it. Feel free to read more on my site. I try to reach people to spread the good news. Hoping that I can through to the lost but also strengthen those who believe.

  6. I totally agree with you the devil is one of the most cunning creature that ever existed, as he is moving to and fro looking for souls to devour…I have had my own fair share of temptations and i must tell you it no easy as the devil is a very good planner and wicked  strategist…. We just have to be care because he is always around the corner.

    1. I also face many temptations every day and try to focus on God through them. The devil knows how to push our buttons and only by the grace of God can we overcome the devil and his tricks.

  7. This post is truly mind-opening, this post has really allowed me to to be aware of all the subtle places where the Devis is lurking how he’s compelling us to the do the worst of things and making us spend our time and focus trying to acquire other things that truly don’t matter in life. The best thing that we can do is focus our time in devoting it to the lord.

    My question to you is how is it that you found the enlightened way and what was the inspiration to create a page to share your experience with the world?

    1. I have had a interesting life with many struggles. I have known God for a long time. It wasn’t until I submitted to him that my life started getting better. I’m not perfect but I now realize that God made me perfectly the way he wanted me. So in order to be who God made me to be I must follow Him and do as He says.  

  8. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on Falling Into The Devil’s Trap.  There’s a lot of helpful and interesting information about the devil’s trap.  I travel an hour and a half to work four days a week.  I pray every morning while driving for safe travels and wonderful blessings God has given me.  I try to keep the devil away and God closer to me with the feeling of peace and happiness.

    I have not read the book on How God’s Kingdom will come.  I was wondering, does it comes in audio or CD?  I thought since I travel a lot, the audio would be great to listen to.



    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed my article. There is more interesting information in my website feel free to explore to and from work or in your free time.

       How God’s Kingdom is more of a advertisement. A free pamphlet that you can get through the mail if you click on it and fill out the forum. If you read more articles on my site there are lots of books you can get, some come in audio versions.

  9. Thanks Tommy for sharing this life transforming article exposing the traps of the Devil. The Devil is cunning and shrewd. Everything he does is for the falling of the children of God. He knows his end is near so he’s very strategic and smart with his activities. How terrible it is that little bad things can cause us to miss the precious life that God has destined us for… Despite all of these, we are more than conquerors if we hold on to God!

    1. Yes as children of God the devil is out to get us more when we believe. It’s our job to get the word out so others can see what going on.

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