Good Morning Lord

Dear Lord,

As I wake up this morning I’d like to thank You for another day to worship. Another day to enjoy Your blessings. Another day to spread Your word.

To many, today is just another day, but to me it’s a day of rejoice, for we are not worthy to be here, yet by your grace we are allowed to see another day. We have another chance to please You.

Yesterday is gone and this day is a new beginning. every day is a chance for a do over. A chance to make things right in this world and in Your eyes.

We as your children have been lost but only when we seek You is when we are found. We cannot find our way without You. Many try and always fail.

There are so many things to be thankful for but we focus on the things that we don’t have instead of the things we do. If we stop and think about the good there would be no room for the bad.

We go outside the air is breathable and fresh, but we find ourselves complaining its too cold or raining, to hot, sunny. We have jobs, but we don’t like the people there, don’t get paid enough.

We have family, people that love us, but we don’t want to be bothered with them. We have food yet there’s nothing we want in the refrigerator.

Our lives can be good but we make it bad. We want things we don’t need and don’t appreciate what we do have.

Lord as I thank you for this day I also ask that Your will be done and that You open the eyes and hearts of Your children and let them focus on the good You give us and not the bad we seek in everything.

I pray that we find the beauty in the love You have given us and the wisdom to find You and follow You.

I love You lord and thank You for all that You do.

I give You my life to do Your will. I submit to Your will.

I pray that You work through me, Guide me, lead me so that I may lead others.

In Jesus name


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