Healthy Ways To Deal With The Anger

There are so many things going on in this world right now. With the covid-19 and now the Black lives matter riots. The many deaths and human trafficking. Vaccines and micro-chip implants. Government scandals.

It’s all enough to make you worry and also make you angry. You go on Facebook and see all this controversy, and as soon as you post your opinion you get people that are ready to tell you, you are wrong. Now everyone wants to tell you why you are wrong. Even if you know that you have the facts, you are wrong.

I see the arguments on the Covid-19 whether to wear a mask or not, whether the social distancing is really necessary, or even if the Covid-19 is even real. People wondering if this is all a ploy created by the government to control us.

Now the same thing for the riots, was George Floyd killed just because he was black? Are these riots justified because of his murder? Is it OK to destroy your town just to make a point? What about the black lives that are forever changed because the people of the BLM group have burned down and destroyed black businesses. How can you say that black lives matter if you are black and you kill others of the same race? Why are you shooting and killing your own race? Why are you robbing and killing innocent white people that had nothing to do with it?

Why do we have so much anger toward each other? God does not want this for us. We need to stop and think, there’s a better way. We cannot find Justice in our anger. We cannot fix pain with more pain. Let’s find some healthy ways to deal with the anger.

Stop And Think

Some say that everything happens for a reason, so let’s stop and think, why are these things happening? what has happened in the past? How did we deal with it in the past if this has happened before.

We know that there has been viruses before and that our government has had scientist to study them in order to make a vaccine to protect us from them. Whether you want to believe in the government or not is always up to you, but when it comes to our health and well-being, we can always trust in God.

From the beginning of time the world has been dealing with different races not liking the another. Whether it is that we just don’t understand others or we are afraid of the stereotypes we have labeled others with.

Maybe if you stop and think about others, and why we hate others and how  they feel and what they are going through, you may find that we are pretty much the same. All of us have to live in this world and have many of the same struggles in life. All of us strive to make a better life for our children, to learn how to be the best people we can be. All of us struggle to understand the meaning of life. Color means nothing until you make it mean something.

People of all kinds have overcome the race barrier and have become very successful in becoming leaders, doctors, business owners, etc. So these things are possible when we put our anger away and find peaceful ways to deal with the hate in this world. Stop and think what God has for you and not what man wants to keep from you.



When we focus on the wrong things, many bad things happen. Our anger becomes more intense and we continue to build a world in which we cannot control. Our anger keeps us from thinking clearly and we continue to make the same mistakes. I’m right and your wrong builds more and more anger, as we want to be the person who is right. We don’t like to be wrong, but sometimes we are so filled with anger we don’t want to hear others perspective.

Only when we focus on God first can we come to an understanding that is bigger than ourselves. He has the ultimate understanding for all of this belongs to Him. He wants us to seek Him so that we may do things His way. Our way is not and does not work.

Man believing that he knows everything has been the worst pandemic this world has ever seen. Man continues to ignore God and tries to be above God therefore becoming the angel that was kicked out of heaven. The devil rules this world because he thought he was Gods equal. We have lost our focus and put God aside and now this world is in trouble. The devil is in full control.


Assuming that you are always right, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. That being said suppose someone has done something to you or someone you know. Do you now hate that person forever? How much anger do you have to have to hold a grudge against that person? Haven’t you ever don something that you regret? Wishing that you could be forgiven? We must forgive ourselves before we can expect others to forgive us.

Forgiving others is essential to dealing with your anger. Thinking about something that makes you angry is like fuel to the fire. We cannot stop being angry if we don’t forgive. Letting things go is the beginning of the healing process. As soon as we forgive only then can we start to heal. Perhaps even build on it, and maybe we can make things better.

When we look into history we can see the things that worked and what didn’t. When we look at where we went wrong then fixing it should be easy. History shows that violence solves nothing, so in today’s world there should be no room for violence. The ones that overcame the violence made some changes. Real changes that have bettered the world.

They found that being angry wasn’t helping and stopped to think and pray for answers, and a better way to deal with the problems. Notice many who have made positive changes in the world, called on God. So we think, forgive and pray and the anger becomes a little or a lot less.

Be a leader

You can also use your anger to make things better. Instead of lashing out and being out of control, you can use your anger to stop and think, use that anger to make changes the right ways. Become a voice in your community, stand up for others, help the people you love. Make a statement to others and lead them to victory through your positive example. Tell the people about God and what He has done. What He can do and will do for all who gather in His name.

Don’t follow the government, or the media, or the anger in your heart, but follow Christ for He has the answers we all seek. All you have to do is ask and take the time to listen.


If all you do is get angry and make judgments for everything, you will never be happy. You must seek God in everything, because He is the one who has the answers. We are here to answer to Him. He has made us to love one another and to praise Him. Through Him, we shall have peace and understanding. So when you feel like anger is filling your heart, stop and think, give it to God and pray. Then lead your people to victory in the right way!


6 thoughts on “Healthy Ways To Deal With The Anger”

  1. Hi, 

    It’s a very much required topic today and i myself do not understand why we have so much anger. God obviously doesn’t want this for us. Definitely no!  God wants us to love and be loved.

    Please write more often about such live issues. The world needs to chill and just realise that all we have is this one life. We can choose to spend it in hate or in love.



    Thanks for such lovely ideas. Hope u give us lots of more inspiring content.

    1. I agree the world is so angry and uptight. I try to love everyone and pray for them. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  2. I’ve been a Christian for nearly 30 years now, but I still have issues with anger. It seems like the harder I try not to get angry, the more angry I get. I have prayed about it, but it is still a problem.

    The recent events in the world have added to my bad feelings and anger. All the things about COVID-19 are frightening! The death of George Floyd was so bad. The resulting riots wreaked fear and raised anger levels.

    Focusing on God and His desires for our lives does help deal with these things. I have also  been focusing more on gratitude and that seems to help, as well. Forgiveness is the ultimate! 

    Our country—our world—needs prayer, not just to get over this, but to also deal with what else is yet to come.

    Thank you for your refreshing post.

    1. I to find it difficult sometimes to deal with anger, but these are the best ways i have found to deal with it. God is good. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  3. hello  Tommy,

    so thoughtful of you to share such an awesome post on healthy ways to deal with anger.. anger is an attitude that everyone would love to discard but could be very difficult if not properly, looked into I must say you did an awesome job in putting up this tips that could help one get rid of their anger state.. thanks a lot for sharing and I look forward to utilising them…

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. Anger is a big issue with many and controlling it puts us in a good place with others and especially God. 

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