My Christian Life – Bible Study

I want to start off by saying nothing is learned without study. We all want to know things, and must make the effort to find the answers to our questions.

We can ask and be given the tools but we can’t be made to hear the answers or be made to use the tools we are given. As we start our christian lives we need to study and use the tools we are given so that we can succeed in our journey.


Learning to use and understand the Bible

The Bible is a book that is an all time #1 seller, though it’s not a book you want to read from front to back. It does have a beginning and an end but is full of stories that the lord uses to teach us on how he wants us to live and love.

These stories are broken into books and verses. It makes it easier to study and to memorize for we should know the word of god by heart in order to use it in our daily christian life. Some versions are difficult to read but it is translated in many forms so that we may understand it better.

Making the choice to read daily           

There are many ways to study the Bible. There’s a one-year Bible in which you can read every day and within a year you would have read the whole thing. Depending on your preferences you may want to study a certain part of the bible. Maybe you want to known how the world came to be or who Jesus is and what he did for us? Or how the world will end or what will happen when the lord comes back for us.In anything you may want to known you will have to make the choice to read every day. Reading every day will help you understand the things that happen in your Christian life. How to deal with the things that happen and even how you feel about life and situations that have been or here to come. Reading is important and vital in my Christian life because it gives me strength to overcome and prepares me for the battles the devil will use to try to destroy my life.

Understanding how scripture pertains to our lives


As we read everyday we will see similar stories that will seem like our stories or someone we know. That’s because everyone in the world has similar stories. We all have problems and worries we can relate to one another. The Bible helps us to understand why we have these problems and what to do about them. We must understand that we are not alone and that we can help one another but most importantly that we have a loving father who is ALWAYS there even when you think or feel like there is no one. It all starts with Prayer!

How to pray in your christian life                                  

Prayer is something we should do on a daily basic as well. As you began to be and live a christian life you must first talk to god. This is what we Christians call Prayer. If we believe in god and we truly want to know him we must confess Jesus Christ as our lord and Savior. He gave his life for us so that we may have everlasting life. The only way to god is through him [his son] who was sent here to save us. We must pray to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness of our sins and ask him to come into our lives and guide us in the right direction. We must pray every day to thank him for all he does for us and for his forgiveness because after you asked he forgave you and now you are a new creature in Christ and all your sin is gone. We need to pray through the things in life and give it to the lord for he is love and greater is he that is in me than he that is in this world.

What my Christian life means                      

My Christian Life means, giving my all to become what god has created me for. To praise him and to tell every living creature that he is lord. To show the world how great he is and what he can do if you just let him into your life. It means helping people with there needs and being there for them just like Jesus did. We are all brothers and sisters in this world and life is hard we need each other and I want to be here for anyone that needs anything. That’s all Jesus wants is for us to love each other and to be a family and to come together and praise his name. My Christian Life means to be happy as possible and make others happy as possible for the short time we are on this earth.

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  1. This was such a beautiful message and reminder of the love that God has for us. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for this wonderful work, I will be sure to read my bible and pray everyday.

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