Praying For The World

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You wholeheartedly in prayer to ask that You protect the world from this virus. Let us know that You are with us, and that no harm can penetrate through the blood of Jesus.

Keep the world away from the fear that the devil has installed into everyone’s hearts and minds.

Let us not fear what the media have said and live by faith and not by sight.

Keep us safe as the world panics, for those that don’t believe are scattering to survive because they don’t know the power of your hand and the grace of your love.

Fill us with Your spirit and let us feel the love and protection you have over us. Bring peace a pond our hearts and love to help our fellow brothers and sisters in this world.

Give us the wisdom to understand these trying times and the opportunity to overcome these things the devil has used to take away our focus.

I know you are here Lord and that You hear my prayer. I thank You for being here and giving me the opportunity to serve you.

In Jesus name


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