The 10 Commandments

Everywhere we go there are laws to go by. In christian life God has given us laws to live by. The Lord says we are to follow the laws of the land, but He also has Laws for us to follow as Christians. These Laws are called The 10 Commandments.

God and Moses had a close relationship so god spoke to Moses quite often. You can read the book of EXODUS for details on this topic.

The 10 Commandments

  1. You shall have no other god before me
  2. You shall no have any false idol
  3. You shall not take the Lords name in vain
  4. Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy
  5. Honor your Father and Mother
  6. You shall not Murder
  7. You shall not commit Adultery
  8. You shall not Steal
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your Neighbor
  10. You shall not covet your Neighbor’s Wife, House, servants etc.

Following Gods Law

These Commandments were spoken by God to Moses on top of Mount Sinai, where he told Moses to gather the children of Israel. The Lord appeared as blazing fire and burned his laws into stone.

God is a jealous God and he is the only God, yet people believe in other God’s and worship them instead of the one true God. This is a sin against the one true God so we shall not have any other God EVER.

People have made statues of their false Gods or worship animals they have idols that they worship. Now days we put singers actors sport players above all things. We idolize people, objects like cars, homes, jewelry, even money when we should be putting God first.

We should never speak bad of the Lord or use his name out of anger. His name is Holy and prefect. God is Love and to speak his name in such a way is sinful.

God made the heavens and the earth the plants and animals in 6 days then on the 7th day, the Sabbath day he rested. So we are to consider this day to be a Holy day. A day of rest for everyone, even the servants and the cattle.

The lord commands us to Honor our Fathers and Mothers that our days may be long. We need to respect our parents, love them and obey them. They are our teachers and protectors. God put them here for us and we are to be honorable to them so we can live a long life.

We shall not kill. We have no right to take a life. Life is given by God and only he may take it away. All life is a gift from God.

We are ment to serve God and to love one another. Sex is a big thing among the world. We lust after one another so God made it so we could marry and be together in sex without sin. Any sexual relationship outside of the marriage is Adultery. This was punishable by death in the old times and was considered a great wickedness and sin against God.

We shall not steal. It is wrong to take from others period then and now. The Lord provides your every need. We are able to work for things. We all must work for the things we want or need. Its just not right to take things from others.

We shall not bear false witness against our neighbor. Meaning we should not tell lies on others or lie for any reason. God is Truth, and the truth shall set you free.

You shall not covet your neighbor’s Wife, Property, servants etc. Don’t be jealous or envious of what others have. You have what you have, be grateful for that and be happy for others.

Why These 10 Commandments

These rules (commandments) are set in place for one reason. That is because by obeying God’s law it helps us to be what God made us to be. We are to be Holy like our father.

Broken laws

We all have broken some of these Commandments at some point. We are not perfect. Thankfully our God is a forgiving God. A loving God and by his grace we can be saved. All we need to do is ask for forgiveness. If, we don’t we will pay the price when the Lord comes back to get us.

Christian Life

We live in a world full of lies, murder, hate, anger, deception, sexual sin, depression and emptiness. If, we all just took a step back and tried to live by these commandments, just think how much better the world could be. We cannot wait to grow up thinking we don’t have to follow rules anymore, but in reality we will always have rules to follow. By following Gods rules we can make our lives and others so much better and we get to see our Lord when he comes. Rules are put here to teach and protect us. lets change the world and begin to put forth these commandments. Instill them into our friends our children and our families our co-workers, lets see what happens.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments”

  1. Thanks for this lovely article. We all need to be reminded of these things. The 10 commandments are so important and rules we should all apply our best efforts to following.
    We are not perfect and therefore do make mistakes, but thankfully as you said, God is forgiving.
    With all of the lies, murder, hate, anger, ect. in our lives today, it is especially important to re-read the 10 commandments and do our best to follow them.
    Thanks for the reminder. I am such a busy person, that I am guilty for putting my faith on the back burner at times.

    God Bless,

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes we are all lucky that the Lord is forgiving. I’ve had my moments trust me and if it wasn’t for the Grace of God I’m sure life could be worse. We should all strive to be better. God Bless you.

  2. Thank you for the reminder! I do believe, but even for people that may not these are still great life rules to follow. I just finished reading the bible, and I found that Jesus actually doesn’t mention the 4th commandment to the gentiles. I’m still looking into it, but it has been very interesting. Great post, and God bless you for spreading his word!

    1. Thanks for your input. I’m still learning new things over the years and every day. If you hit the link in the bible study post there’s a as it happened bible that goes more in depth into the bible, that reads so you can study the bible in a year. You might like to check it out. I hope to have more information soon that will help.

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