The Devils Playground

The Devil hope’s that we will not believe he exists so that we fail to know what he is up to. When we look closer we can see all the things that the devil has his hand in. He has a hand in almost everything we do or want to do or enjoy in life. We are blinded by our flesh. Our feelings and emotions are blinding us from what is real and what Christ wants for us. We are not of this world but of Christ and the Heavenly places that He exist in. This world is full of sin and death and it is our job to resist the temptations of this world. From the fall of Satan this world has become the Devil’s playground.

The Fall Of Satan

Ezekiel 28: 13-19

You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The sardius, topaz, and diamond, Beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes Was prepared for you on the day you were created.

“You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God: You walked back and forth in the mist of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, Till iniquity was found in you.”

“By the abundance of your trading You became filled with violence within, and you sinned; Therefore I cast you as a profane thing. Out of the mountain of God; I destroyed you, O covering cherub, From the midst of the fiery stones.

“Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor; I cast you to the ground, I laid you before kings, That they might gaze at you.”

“You defiled your sanctuaries by the multitude of your iniquities, by the iniquity of your trading; Therefore I brought fire from your midst; It devoured you, and I turned you to ashes upon the earth In the sight of all who saw you. All who knew you among the peoples are astonished at you; You have become a horror, And shall be no more forever.”

Isaiah 14: 12-21

“How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! For you have said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of god; I will also sit on the mound of the congregation On the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.” Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, To the lowest depths of the Pit.

“Those who see you will gaze at you, and consider you saying: ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble, Who shook kingdoms, Who made the world as a wilderness and destroyed its cities, Who did not open the house of his prisoners?”

“All the kings of the nations, All of them, sleep in glory, Everyone in his own house; But you are cast out of your grave Like an abominable branch, like the garment of those who are slain, Thrust through with a sword, Who go down to the stones of the pit, Like a corpse trodden underfoot. You will not be joined with them in burial, because you have destroyed your land and slain your people.”

The brood of evildoers shall never be named. Prepare slaughter for his children because of the iniquity of their fathers, Lest they rise up and possess the land, And fill the faces of the world with cities.”

Satan And This World

Everywhere we look if we look hard enough we can see how the devil is trying to keep us from the kingdom of God. In our music we listen to especially. We listen to music whether we are happy or sad which usually determines what type of music we listen to. Now as a kid I always said I’m listening to the music and not the words, but we hear both and the message we are getting is not of God. Mostly messages of rebellion, murder, suicide, drugs and alcohol to make you feel better. The devil plays on our emotions when we are most vulnerable.

Television is another way the Devil deceives us and sometimes we don’t even know it. We find that beautiful people and living what some may call “the good life.” With lots of money and fancy clothes and cars and having the newest fashionable items in the world. We are blinded by these things of the world, they take the focus off of God and we will do anything to have them no matter what. The devil even shows us that he is there with symbolism we wouldn’t even know unless we researched them. References to pedophilia and or sexual immorality. The sneaky way the world uses inappropriate suggestion in children shows. Or satanic symbols that are hidden there in plain sight.

The fact that God is not allowed in school or because there are so many groups or religions that we can’t even talk about Jesus because someone might get offended. The devil is making the world put god to the side and throw himself in front of us like this is normal. We are getting used to things like zombies and witchcraft, magic, and ghost without even blinking. Super heroes with powers and violence is in everything.


Luke 12: 15

and He said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.”

Deuteronomy 4: 9

Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, least you forget the things your eyes have seen, and least they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren.

Peter 5: 8

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

2 Corinthians 2:

Least Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.


We need to focus on the things that are around us and the things that we let around our children, for the devil’s hand is most likely in it. He is here to steal, kill,and destroy any way he can. We have to protect ourselves and our families from these tricks he has tried to destroy us with. knowledge is power and we have many ways to get information these days. The Bible is the first line of defense so we should use it as much as possible. We may also do research on-line and in books.

If there’s anything we can help each other with I welcome you to come here with your questions and I will do the research for you. I will also write some articles on the many ways the devil tries to deceive us in the future.

Prayer: Dear Lord in heaven, we pray that you give us wisdom and sight to see the devils tricks. We ask that you protect us from the things that we don’t know about and that you give us the strength we need to continue to pray and do your will.

In Jesus name we pray Amen!

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