Trusting God

In the mist of all the trials we go through in life we must Trust in God. Sometimes life is so hard that it’s impossible to trust anyone. Especially when we are trying to put trust in someone we can’t see.

I assure you God is there and willing to supply all your needs. We must trust that he will protect us, provide for us, guide us on our journey. He is there every time we need him. All we have to do is pray and trust he hears our prayers.

Trusting God Through Hard times

PSALMS 46: 1-3

God is our refuge and strength, and ever-present help in trouble.

PSALMS 9: 9-10

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

PSALMS 34: 10

Those who seek the lord lack no good thing.

ISAIAH 26: 3-4

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace-because they trust in you.

We go through thing because of God’s plan not ours. He never puts us through anything we can’t overcome. We need to trust that His plan for us to overcome life’s challenges is in the plan He has for us which will lead to great things.

6 thoughts on “Trusting God”

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing those passages in scripture. It’s His written Word the Only valid source we can use and be completely sure He is talking to us through it.

    I recognize that not every trial we go through in life is because He planned it for us. Sometimes our disobedience to His word can put us in some difficult spots. But in those cases where He has overruled for us going through certain trail or in those cases were we’re there because of our own failures, if we humble ourselves, He’s able to bring out good from that that causes us distress.

    1. You’re absolutely correct, we do get into trouble because of our disobedience. We need to see that things happen because we make the wrong decisions, and now is the right time to repent and start new. Thank you for comment it is much appreciated. 

  2. Hi Tommy. Trusting God is not an easy thing for humans to do. When you look at all the destruction and evil that has been perpetrated by mankind on each other and on the planet and it’s various life forms, and much of it in the name of Christianity. It’s no wonder people aren’t trustful , or simply don’t believe.  If we are to change the individuals mind about God, and show him what a loving, caring being he really is, then first we have to change ourselves. The best way for others to meet Christ through us is if we live a Christ like life. Meaning that we show love and compassion to others. Your blog is showing that love and compassion by directing people to the truth through bible studies. Thank you for your truly caring website and the blog on trusting God. 

  3. This is all thru. If you believe in God and trust in God and give your basket Him and leave it with Him. Don’t take the basket back because then you don’t believe He will resolve that you gave to Him. We always think we can resolve problems ourselves and then we take the basket back. Just leave your basket and trust God. He will always help and provide.

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