What Is The Meaning Of All This?

What Is this life all about? Why are you here? This question comes to many people’s minds, yet who has the answer? I find myself asking this question often, searching for the answers anywhere I can find it.

Daily Life

You start everyday by waking up, getting out of bed and for what? To go to work or get the kids off to school? Maybe you get up to go workout or clean your house? Some people get up just because they cannot sleep anymore. What purpose do you have in this world? For what reason do you exist?

Who really wants to work? You need food and a place to live, clothes and utilities. So you have to work no matter what to survive, but why? Why are you forced to do something to survive when you had no choice in being on this earth? Why did someone get to bring you into existence just to make you struggle to live?

Who would want to be living in this world today with all the hate and destruction going on? Who wants to have to fight to stay alive or even bring other loved one’s in to this world, just to have to protect them from all of this? Racism, hate, murder, the struggle to survive. What is the meaning of all this?

Some may never find the answer to this question, because the fact of the matter is, they don’t know where to look. People spend all their lives looking for this answer and never find it. Of course some know what they want to be in life, or they know what they want out of life, and assume that, that’s what their purpose is but is it really why they are here?

You grow up and learn what you are good at and how it will help you survive, but some people are not good at anything, or haven’t found or may never find out what they are good at. So if you’re not good at anything or don’t know what you are good at, what do you do? What is the meaning of all this?

From the moment you wake up you will usually have a plan to go about your day, same as when going to school you will have a plan depending on what you have planned for the way you want your life to go. Some people may not have a plan, and just go along with whatever life brings them. I myself am one of those people who never had a plan. So what is the meaning of all this?

The Plan

I grew up with no plan. Just lived life the way I wanted to. I was guided in the right direction, but not the direction I wanted to go. To be honest I didn’t even know where I wanted to go, I just wanted to have fun. Now my childhood wasn’t the best, I was shy and grew up in a bad neighborhood. My bio dad was an addict and was never there, but I had a step-father who was always there. Now he was also an addict but my mom and I always came first. I picked up some bad habits as I grew up as well. I went to church sometimes but wasn’t made to go. I found it to be boring and had no interest in it.

My step-dad went to jail and found God, so when he came home we were forced to go every Sunday and Wednesday, and even had bible study on Mondays at our house. Now I know that seems wrong to force a child to go to church. With people saying nowadays that you should not force religion on anyone. It was the best thing he had ever given me.

See I continued with my bad habits for most of my life, and I have struggled because of it. Little did I know that there was a plan set in motion that I had no ideal of. There is always a plan, even if you don’t have one, God has one for you. What is the meaning of all this? God’s plan is not our plan, so we can’t find the meaning of all this without Him.

You think your parents brought you here, but that’s not true. Of course, they made you and conceived you but it was only because God had a plan. Look at all the people who cannot have children, it’s not in His plan. Most of the time His plan doesn’t match with what our plan is. I never had a plan and then God went to work on me.

Next thing I knew I was calling on Him to help fix my life. Now I have submitted to Him and here I am Speaking on His behalf, trying to help others in this crazy world.

But Still What Is The Meaning Of All This?

For me the meaning of all this is, God let me like many others go through life the way I did so that others that have lived a similar life can see and understand that God can bring you out of anything the devil tries to consume you with. No matter the situation you can come out clean and brand new. So God is the meaning of all this.

We are here to serve God and do what He tells us. Through God, we can spread His word. It’s not about what you want but what He wants. He has the plan and if you don’t seek His plan out you will surely spend forever in Hell. God does not promise riches or good health or nice things here on earth. He does promise that we will live forever in His heavenly kingdom with Him, where there will be no sorrow or pain. His love is eternal. Where He has prepared many mansions for you and you will drink of the living waters and eat from trees that bear different fruits. Forever in His grace.

Hell is a place of eternal darkness, pain and suffering, where there is no love and no mercy. God is not there to forgive you anymore. When, you reach hell you are there forever. Satan will gladly wait for you there with all his demons. He hopes you never see God and heed to His warnings.

There is a war going on between God and the devil, and God will win and the devil knows it. He is trying his hardest to distract you from finding God and spreading His word. He hopes that you never find the meaning of all this, and wants you to stay focused on try to live in the world for, money fame and fortune, power.


The meaning of all this is found through Jesus Christ. When, you don’t start looking for your meaning with Him you will be forever lost. The devil will have you believe that there is no God or Devil, good or evil. He will have you believe that just doing what makes you happy is all that matters. That you die and you are just gone.

Eternity is to long to be wrong. What if is always there. What if is what you should be thinking. Is going to hell worth the risk? Or would serving God and Going to heaven be a better risk? You don’t know what your meaning is because you didn’t give yourself life. Seek and ye shall find.

2 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning Of All This?”

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve been asking myself what is my purpose on this planet and how can I get in tune with his plan.
    God, has his hands on us and he doesn’t force himself on you, but he’s always there to give us that extra push.
    Honestly, I’m still trying to find my purpose in life, and I know it’s more than being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, or friend…all those things are good, but I feel like I’m meant for more than that. This was a wonderful read, and I can’t wait to read more.

    1. Praise the Lord. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed this. I’m sure God has big plans for your life. Keep praying and studying His word, He will answer in His time. We are all called to spread His word so you can start there. Feel free to subscribe to my website for more info and inspirational reading. God bless you!

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