World Of Confusion

With so many things going on in the world today, it can be very confusing. The Covid-19, government involvement if there is any, are the things in the news true? What about all the YouTube videos and all the things they say about the government, or the virus, about God and the bible and what it says about end times.

What is true about vaccines, and why are certain people investing in these things? Are they safe and can the government make you get vaccinated against your will. What about the micro-chip? Will you give your consent in order to survive?

We are living in a world of confusion.

Controlling The World Through Fear

There is a lot of talk of the government using the Covid-19 as a tool to cause fear in the people of the world. Though God says we should not live in fear but live in faith.

Fear is of the devil, and it’s easy to lose faith when we are scared. We lose focus on God when we live in fear. Fear makes us lose focus on everything that is important. Fear brings panic and confusion in our minds and our reasoning becomes blocked by what we hear, and it is easy to control people and make people do what you want them to do. The media reports aren’t always true, but we listen to these things and make our decisions basted on what they say.

If you, research over past history you can see that the world or government has been trying to control us for a long time. Of course, they would never admit it, but why would they? I mean the first thing you would want to do is make your enemy afraid, and yes we are the enemy. Per the constitution we have rights and the government wants to take them away.

God says to obey the laws of the land, but if you are paying any attention you can see that the government is trying to change the laws to fit their agenda. It’s easy to see that they want us to have fear so that we follow their lead. Vaccines, micro-chip implants, lock downs, all these things that they say is for our own benefit yet it takes our freedoms away.

Most people say these things are just conspiracy theory, but we need to look at these things more closely. Things began to add up if you look close enough. Since the beginning of time man has been at war on the mission to have control over the land and the people, over who we worship, what to pay in taxes, what foods we eat, who gets to work and what they do. It’s always been about control.

Jesus healed the sick, but because the government couldn’t do it or control it, so Jesus was killed and made an example of. If you, go against the government you die. Now everyone will fall in line because we see what they can do. Installing fear gained them control.

Disappearing Truths

It seems that when the truth about certain things of the world come out, all of a sudden they disappear faster than you can see it or hear about it. The government even took books from the bible that they didn’t want us to know about. Over the years we are slowly finding them.

Now days we have the internet and information is found faster than ever, yet just like trusting someone you can’t always trust everything you read or see on it. Lots of imagination from countless people are flooding the internet. There are so many things you can look up and research but finding reliable information can become very difficult.

With Facebook, YouTube, and many other platforms that people used to get information out there, there is always someone that can go and delete the information after it’s put out there.

If we look at all the things that are said about the government and this Covid-19 that may have been out there for years, but now that things are happening all of a sudden the information is gone. Said to be “false information, or violates a privacy policy, or something of that sort. Things that were said to be untrue years ago are now being said to be true by doctors, scientist, and retired government officials all said to be whistle-blowers. Now it’s up to each person to decide what they believe. NOTICE: Those things said by them are disappearing as well.

It just makes you think about what is true, because things that make sense or involve certain people seem to get deleted or disappear a lot. Words are twisted and some things said are turned around.

Who Do You Trust

People of all walks of life trust in many things. In a perfect world we would all put our trust in God, but we know we are not perfect. With different religions all around us there are different beliefs different ways of life. We all live on the same planet, but different governments rule different parts of this world.

The united states is well-known for its freedoms that many others don’t have. Called the land of the free, but slowly we are losing our freedoms because of a virus. Our government is changing things for the best interest of its people. Do we agree with this? Are these things what we want? Are you willing to give up our freedoms because they say it’s for our own good?

Are you going to trust our lives to the government or to God? God gave us life, He is there for us, forgives us when we fail to please Him. He has promised eternal life to those who believe. He heals us and makes us strong. He has never lied to us. Can you say that about the world or our government?

From what I see God is very trustworthy and this world is not. This world is all about money and control, that brings lies and hate. Keeping us from the laws of God and the ability to love one another as He has commanded us to do. The world causes us to try to be above others, and puts us in different groups all wanting to prove they are better than the others.

The rich control the world and make the poor their guinea pigs for things they want to test to make them richer. We let this world consume us and distract us from being who we were supposed to be. We put our trust in things that don’t have our best interest in mind.

Stand Up For You And God

The world has put us against each other because separately we are weak, easily controlled. The mass population in fear fighting each other, who is right? who is wrong? Who is more important? We have made ourselves individuals in this world. Every man for themselves. We don’t stand for anything except maybe for our family, spouse, kids and that’s it.

What happened to God, the most powerful almighty? Why are we not standing on His word? Why are we not praying to Him to protect us? Why are we not keeping our fellow brothers and sisters up in our prayers?

There is power in God. There is power in prayer. There is power in us if we stand together and not as individuals. God said love thy neighbor. He said if two or more come together in His name their prayers will be answered. God wants us together, the world wants to separate us.

So we need to stand up for God and stand together in order to stand up for ourselves.


There is definitely something going on in this world, and it’s very confusing. In order to figure it out we need to pay attention and pray that God will show us and protect us and all his children. We need to come together and fight for our freedoms in this world. Together we can over come the fear they are trying to instill in us and the control they are trying to have on us. Let’s stand as one in the Lord for in Him we shall be victorious.

Blessings my fellow brothers and sisters!

Let’s be Jesus strong!!!

4 thoughts on “World Of Confusion”

  1. Hi!  Great site.  I too am a Christian and believe in helping other people see the light that is sometimes hidden in a world full of hate and violence.  Its amazing that even thought we are sometimes tempted, Gods love still shines through above all.  Thank you so much for sharing your story as it was a very good read.  I will keep track of you over time and touch base to see how your doing.
    God bless, and thank you once again.

  2. The world was confused even before the virus arrived, people were all very scared and disconnected from the divine source!

    It may seem horrible, but this blessed virus arrived at a good time.

    I’m particularly using the arrival of COVID-19 as a good excuse to finally take a deep breath, stretch, meditate, and pray a lot to keep the connection with God!

    Now I: take care of my body, eat healthy and balanced meals
    exercise regularly, sleep, and study a lot.

    I maintain virtual connections with other people.
    I talk virtually to the people I trust about our concerns and how we are feeling. But I also stopped watching, reading, or listening to the news from the press all the time, including those in the media.

    Now, we have no option but to relax, spend more time with our family and it was about time we did it!

    1. The world has been very confused fo as long as we been here for sure. I’m glad you have found some good from the bad. Many don’t see the possibilities that can come from the bad things that happen. It’s definitely a wake up call for some. It’s time we wake up and see what we are missing in life instead of focusing on the things we don’t need.

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